Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric Nurse Salary

A pediatric nurse is a special type of RN or registered nurse involved in providing care for sick children. Based on the information released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2010, all registered nurses, including pediatric nurses earned a yearly average salary of $69,000. In general, however, the pediatric nurse salary will be influenced by the following factors:

State– The state where you want to work in will be a big factor in determining your expected pediatric nurse salary mainly due to the fact that cost of living standards varies from state to state.

California: $19,000 to $117,000
New York: $40,000 to $150,000
Texas: $30,500 to $70,000
Georgia: $40,000 to $80,000
Florida: $44,000 to $67,000

Employer / Medical Setting– Your income as a pediatric nurse will also vary from employer to employer and from one medical setting to the other.

Firms or Private Practice: $28,000 to $57,000 / $10,000 to $73,000
Hospitals: $27,000 to $79,000 / $31,000 to $91,000

Nursing Degree– Majority of pediatric nurses have a Bachelor’s Degree associated to their field while some choose to pursue higher degrees for more job this helpful advice for more information.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: $31,000 to $88,000
Bachelor’s Degree: $28,000 to $95,000

Experience– Undoubtedly, your pediatric nurse salary will be higher as you become more experienced in your field.
1 to 4 years: $19,000 to $64,000
5 to 9 years: $20,000 to $67,000
10 to 19 years: $38,000 to 117,000

Certification – Many pediatric nurses usually go on to obtain various certifications for more job prospects and higher earnings.

Critical Care: $14,000 to $119,000
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: $33,000 to $76,000
Registered Nurse: $22,000 to $76,000
Advanced Cardiac Support: $35,000 to $59,000

Specialty – Pediatric nurses specializing in specific pediatric areas typically earn more since they are considered experts in their chosen fields.more tips given at

Pediatric Nurse

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/NICU: $ 31,000 to $99,000
Labor, Delivery, and Birth: $24,000 to $99,000
Nursery: $19,000 to $70,900
Pediatrics: $24,000 to $75,000
Intensive Care Unit: $36,000 to $61,000
Emergency Room: $23,000 to $59,000
It is important to note that all these factors that can influence your pediatric nurse salary will ultimately depend on the proper pediatric nurse training.